Wednesday, July 8, 2015

e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Not All Prints Are Created Equal

After giving up on the pink filament and adjusting a few of the printer settings...
failure never looked so good 
I've finally gotten a few prints of the main part (v4) of the trumpet holder. I had been attempting to print two different versions; one with modeled supports and one with makerware supports...

The orange Invetables filament has given me the best results so far. This piece was printed horizontally on the bed, with makerware supports. I'm happy with the quality of this print - the tolerances are on point. 

The black Hatchbox filament is printing well, but I'm getting a lot of warp-age... This could be due to the filament or the vertical flat placement on the print bed. I'm doing another test print in black today so I will compare the results. The above image shows the larger gaps between the pink piece and the brass tubes. 

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