Wednesday, July 22, 2015

e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Hand/Palm v2

I didn't get as much done today as I would've liked, but I did learn quite a bit about boolean operations. I started drawing hand/palm v2 for Karuna's Trumpet holder, but ran into a few problem right away with curve networks and boolean operations. 

After doing some research into why my design might not have been working, I decided to abandon the form and start over with less complicated curves for the palm... 
  I built this one the exact same way I built the previous, but before boolean-ing I went in and exploded all of the solids and deleted all of the flat surfaces that were "duplicates" on the seam. I'm not sure why this worked and the other way didn't - but it did - so I finally got a rough profile....

I'm currently working on designing the aesthetic surface and the functional parts of the palm... I'm going to keep working on this tomorrow. 

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