Thursday, July 2, 2015

e-NABLE Fellowship - Karuna's Trumpet Holder - Progress

Last night I was able to get a good print of the main piece for the trumpet holder. I've now tested the pink piece I printed yesterday with the new piece - it fits more snug around the tubes coming out of the valves. Side note: I've been making sure to check that the adapter will fit in the case after each use, so that it wont need to be taken fully off after each use... That was my LEAST favorite part of band - disassembling and re-assembling... I played woodwinds and was often too lazy to take off the reed after each use - I couldn't imagine having to add the task of taking off this super-snug-fitting-adapter with one hand...

Frankie wanted the material on the back of the base piece slimmed down, so I designed and printed the above design. I'm happy with the revision. It makes the bottom piece a little more flexible. The weight of the base is much lighter now, which makes it feel more cohesive with the main piece.

I also made revisions to the main component and added a few more parts.

Frankie wanted to try making the dovetail piece (that eventually will attach to a palm and gauntlet) adjustable... So I've borrowed the pegs from the Rapter hand design and used them here as a locking mechanism for the dovetail component. 
Peg and offset before subtracting the holes....
...after subtracting holes for pegs - they're 10mm apart. 
... and some fingernail/tool grip spots - I'm not entirely sure these will work, but thought I'd give it a shot.  

Now, I'm just waiting on the printer...

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