Thursday, May 19, 2016

Design for Digital Fabrication - Student Work - Vinyl Tattoo

Art277 - Design for Digital Fabrication
Vinyl Tattoo

For this project students were asked to look to tattoos as inspiration for creating body adornment. They started with sketches, converted those into Rhino curves, and then output the design to the vinyl cutter, cleaned up the sticker and then stuck it on the body/clothing.  

Design for Digital Fabrication - Student Work - Pendent Lamps

 ART277 - Design for Digital Fabrication
Pendent Lamp - Renderings & Prototypes

For this project, students were asked to create a flat pack pendent lamp. They started by drawing the designs by hand, translated those into rhino and created a .3dm, rendered it, and then built a prototype from their files. They were encouraged to combine multiple processes from the class that they had learned so far: 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting. Here are a few renderings and projects exhibited at Arts Tech Night at Kenilworth.