Sunday, March 6, 2016

iAm - sockets

A couple weeks ago I started experimenting with plasti-flex, the material I am casting the iAm sockets out of. This part is currently functioning as an interface with the wall, a transitioning material. The initial mold was created out of a 3D printed prototype and some left over Oomoo rubber. I wanted to test out the plasti-flex so when I heard someone in the studio had some extra rubber, I just quickly grabbed the test print and a Tupperware to make a test mold. The makeshift mold allowed me to quickly test the colors and flexibility of the material. The fit turned out really nice. 
I've since re-designed and machined a new socket piece for the final mold and have poured some ReoFlex30 over it. I should have some really nice sockets once this mold is ready to be used. TBC

Compact Mirror - Progress 3/6

I dropped the compact mirror project off to A.Werner Silversmith's last week to be plated. I should be getting it back sometime this week. I am so excited to see this project almost complete. Here are some shots of the progress I made over the last few weeks on the project;

I cast insulation material for the electronics, made a large dent in the bottom piece, made a "stake" out of a spoon to remove the dent, removed the dent as best I could, sandblasted the inside, polished the outside....

3D Prints for The Collaboratory

 A couple weeks ago, I helped make some sound waves into 3D printable objects for a teen project at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Here's an excerpt from the museum's website about the installation; "Opening Feb. 20, The Collaboratory is a new and unique interactive gallery space co-created with local teen leaders in the Museum’s teen programs. This unexpected treasure trove of arms and armor and precious objects from around the world connects past and present in the Richard and Susan Pieper Family Education Gallery."

I love orange filament. Go check out the Pieper Family Education Gallery to see all of the work in The Collaboratory installation.